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Guelph Real Estate Info Deb Olender App

Finding a home or selling a home in Guelph can be as simple as downloading my Guelph Real Estate Info App!

I’ve worked with App Designers to create my own Guelph Real Estate Info App to help you find the perfect home. If you’re an Apple User, just head over to the Apple Store and type in “Guelph Real Estate Info” by OTI Multimedia to find it. Best of all, the App is completely FREE. Time to get home searching!

Walkthrough of the App

When you get to the homescreen of the Guelph Real Estate Info App, you’ll have the following options: Search Listings, Buy A Home with Deb, Sell a Home with Deb, About Deb, or Contact Deb. Click on the option to suit your needs, and get started!

Find Real Estate for Sale 

On the App, there is a preset price range with preset bedrooms and bathroom numbers. You can easily change the Price Range by moving the slider left to right, all the way from $0 to $11 000 000 (unfortunately, there are no listings that are $0!). For bedrooms and bathrooms, you have the option to search for an amount between 1 and 9.

Set your city to Guelph (or any of the surrounding cities that Re/Max serves) and you’ll be given a result of the real estate listings that meet your search criteria. Don’t like what you find? You can always change your search criteria and try again.

When you click on a listing, you’ll end up at a Home Details page, which gives you a description of the home, an MLS number, home features, and property photos. With the App, you can scroll through the photo galleries, find directions to see the property in person, and you can even hit the View This Home Today button to fill out a form and set up a viewing with me as your guide.

Go Beyond the Initial Real Estate Listings in Guelph

If you need more help searching for a home, you can also fill out the Buyers form, located on the option, Buy a Home With Deb. This will let you fill out a form on the app that sends directly to me so that I can contact you to discuss your real estate options. All the information you put in on this form is secure and confidential. You can also fill out a form for Selling a Home with me. Just click on the Sell a Home With Deb option on the home screen to fill out a Sellers Form that will send directly to me.

For more information, just go to the Contact Deb button on the home page of the app. This gives you the option to text me, email me, phone me, fill out a contact form, or find me on Facebook.

I look forward to hearing from you!