Guelph Condos and Downtown Living

Guelph Condos and Living in Downtown Guelph

If you’re making the move to Guelph or relocating within the city, Guelph Condos are the perfect solution for your living needs. Condo, the shortened form of Condominium, translates to an individually owned unit, either in a building or a division of buildings. While the condo owner has full control over their unit and is responsible for their own heating and maintenance, there are common areas shared by condo owners. In Guelph, condos are a popular choice for buyers because they are spacious, and have added perks, especially those that are in the downtown area.

The Benefits of Condo Living

For those who own a Guelph Condo, they can experience the delights of living in a freehold home and get the benefit of sharing common areas. With freehold condos, Guelph owners are able to maintain the interior and exterior of the home they way they would like to. This means having the freedom to paint bedrooms, mount a flat screen TV on a wall, and replace windows and doors at their leisure. These things may seem trivial to homeowners, but for those who own a condo, these little touches make their plot of land or plot of apartment space, uniquely their own. But the added benefit to living in a Condo, is having shared amenities with other Condo owners.

Guelph Condo Amenities

In Guelph, condo amenities are what can sell this style of living for owners.

For those living in a condo-style apartment building, shared condo amenities can include anything from an indoor pool, to a shared party and games room, and even a gym. For others who are living in condo townhomes, it can mean having maintained sidewalks in the winter, a community pool in the summer, and shared visitor parking for guests.

These spaces are made available and maintained through a Condominium Corporation. This Corporation is responsible for creating shared spaces that condo owners want and often take feedback from condo owners for improvements. Although Guelph condo owners will own their apartment or townhome as their piece of the real estate pie, they will need to pay an additional homeowners association fee as part of their monthly payment.

By sharing the collective cost, Guelph condo owners can enjoy these amenities and contribute to how they would like their community to grow. Oftentimes, there are positions for condo owners to join the Board of Directors with their Condo Corporation, or owners can volunteer to keep their community an enjoyable place to be.

Guelph Condos and Downtown Living

A popular spot for condo developments to crop up is in Downtown Guelph. Downtown Guelph is ranked as an overall ideal spot for homeowners, condo owners and apartment renters because of its distance to local amenities, schools and Guelph’s public transportation.

The downtown core is close not only to the University of Guelph, but also has two public elementary schools. This gives Guelph condo owners downtown, access to education within a small radius of their home. There area also great architectural and historical buildings in this area to provide those attending school and those who just want to learn more about the Royal City, places to explore on weekends and evenings. For example, the Basilica of Our Lady Immaculate, one of the most impressive buildings in Guelph, is in the downtown core and not only serves as place of worship for some, but also as a place of gothic architectural history and German settler history. Then there are of course, the more traditional ways of learning, like through Guelph’s Civic museum on Norfolk St., or the Guelph public library.

Guelph Condos Close To Popular Restaurants, Shops and Entertainment Spaces

Another reason downtown is a popular choice for Guelph condo owners is because of their condo’s location to restaurants, shops, and unique establishments. Over the years, downtown Guelph has formed into a hot spot for new restaurants, locally owned stores and places that promote the local arts and culture scene, like The Bookshelf or My Kitty Café.

The Guelph Farmers Market is another one of the most historic pieces of Guelph’s structure, yet it continues to be a thriving cultural space and draws in condo owners who prefer to get fresh, local foods. And that’s not the only Market that gets people talking. Market Square is one of Guelph’s busiest venues for festivals, concerts, shopping, eating, and enjoying the outdoors. During the summer months especially, people convene in this area and get to immerse themselves the unique space.

And if you want to get up close to Guelph’s best sports action, then there’s the Sleeman Centre, home of Ontario’s Hockey Team, the Guelph Storm!

Why Choose A Downtown Guelph Condo?

The architectural style of downtown Guelph is a mix of old and new, with housing styles and infrastructure combining the city’s old history with the new developments of the 21st century.

By choosing a condo in downtown Guelph, you’ll be part of the city’s liveliest and most fulfilling spot. Newcomers to Guelph and those who want to socialize and enjoy the mix of history with advancements of the present are those that will enjoy the proximity of their condo to the popular places in downtown.

Guelph condos are also a great opportunity for investors and first time buyers who want to see their investment grow in the next 10 years. As more people push outwards of the GTA for accommodations due to overcrowding and new job opportunities, condos and homes in Guelph will increase in value. Plus, with new proposals for transportation with GO Transit and the significant transit changes inside Guelph, ease and accessibility will draw people into the heart of the action.

Get The Guelph Condo You Want 

For any questions about Guelph condos and living in downtown Guelph, it’s always best to speak with a real estate agent who has the knowledge of the streets and neighbourhoods to get the most accurate answers. I’ve worked with clients searching for condos in Guelph and have successfully found them condos that meet their living needs, but condos that are also in the location they want.