Guelph Condos for Every Lifestyle

Guelph Condos for Every Lifestyle

Looking at Guelph Condos and wondering which one is perfect for your lifestyle? Choosing the right condo for your lifestyle needs and wants is something that requires a little bit of thought on your part, and the guidance of a real estate agent in Guelph. Whether you are living in the condo, renting out the condo or are looking for a future investment, knowing a bit about condos in Guelph is a good place to start.

Guelph Neighbourhoods with Condo Living

Guelph Condos are popping up in what seems to be every neighbourhood. There are many condo developments already built, while others are scheduled for completion in the years to come. By taking a closer look at some of the areas that are building new condo developments or have condo availabilities, you can discover what Guelph Condo living can offer you.

Guelph’s Downtown Core

The area of Guelph that is definitely seeing a large portion of condo developments is the Guelph downtown core.

Many people turn to condo developments in the downtown area because it keeps them close to the things they need and helps them downsize from homes in residential areas. Guelph’s downtown offers a mixture of Guelph’s heritage and Guelph’s new image.

With the population growing, jobs emerging and the demand for more homes and living spaces, condos in Guelph are sure to catch the eye of renters and investors. Condos near Wyndham St., Eramosa Rd., Woolwich St./Wellington Rd., etc., offer those seeking the downtown lifestyle, a place close to all the city action.

Buying a condo is the perfect step to that lifestyle. Renters will also find a welcoming atmosphere that allows them a quiet home environment with the option of a livelier day just steps beyond their condo. Because there are a plethora of restaurants, shops and business spaces, there is always something new to discover and experience in downtown Guelph.

University of Guelph Condos for Students

Another area with a large amount of condos is near the University of Guelph. Because the University draws in such a high number of students and educators per year, the area is a perfect spot for condo developments. Currently, there are selections of condo developments that offer student suites year round. Many of these Guelph condos have amenities that are complimentary to student life such as study floors and lounges. Many students find that living a condo helps build a sense of community and allows them the space they need when they move to Guelph for school. 

Students aren’t the only ones drawn to the University Condos. Investors are keeping an eye on these Guelph investment properties because they know the value of condo developments in student-populated areas. If you are an investor, just think of the value of having a property dedicated to student rentals. And with more students coming to the University of Guelph, there will always be a need for accommodations.

Guelph’s Residential Pockets

Just because there are mostly houses in Guelph’s residential neighbourhoods, doesn’t mean that there aren’t any condo developments.

In fact, some of Guelph’s popular residential areas also have condo listings that are perfect for small families or those searching for their first property. Neighbourhoods like Exhibition Park, Waverly and Guelph Junction are all residential hot spots that also have condos available, or condos in development.Guelph condos in residential areas provide the peace and security of living within family-oriented communities, without needing to take care of too much property space or living space.

Inside Guelph condos, you are likely to find community lounges, pools and exercise rooms, which allow condo residents to meet their condo neighbours. Guelph’s residential neighbourhoods are also home to community centres that condo dwellers can join so they can feel connected with homeowners around them.

Guelph Condo Investment Properties

As Guelph expands, the desire for condo investment properties will also expand into these residential neighbourhoods. If you are an investor, now is the time to invest in a condo development or in pre-existing suites. With more people moving into the city, the demand for residential homes and condos will need to match the rise in population. Be ahead of the game and look for condo developments near downtown, the University of Guelph, and in residential pockets.

How Can I Get Started?

If you want to learn more about Guelph Condos and find the one that is right for your needs, get in contact with me, Deb Olender to get the search started! As an experienced real estate broker in Guelph, I’ve been able to help buyers, sellers and investors with condos in the area. I’ll work with you to find a perfect place for you in your chosen neighbourhood while exploring the advantages to condo living.

If you want to learn more about how condo living works and what you can expect with Guelph condos, please check out my previous post that walks you through condo ownership and condominium fees. When you’re ready to get started, give me a call or fill out a contact form!