Real Estate Buying Tips

Real estate buying tips from Guelph Realtor and Re/Max Guelph Real Estate Broker Deb Olender

It is my goal to assist you with your real estate needs in any way possible. Let my professionalism and experience work for you. If you would take a minute click the link below to be taken to my listings page. If you fill out our form, I will contact you shortly to discuss your real estate needs. I assure you that all information provided is secure and will be kept strictly confidential.

Buyers should be aware of their options so they are better able to protect their positions in a transaction.

Many buyers do not fully understand the home buying process and what role a real estate agent plays.

What to look for in a real estate agent and questions to ask your prospective Realtor.

No matter what kind of home you’re looking for, there are some key features to consider.

Guidelines for buying your home from Deb Olender.

Evaluate your neighbourood, drive around, look at the quality of schools, amenities, property values and future growth.

Styles of homes including detached, duplex, semi detached, townhouse and condo.

Mortgage information, funding, loans and requirement for mortage applications.

The proceeding chart is based on the Land Transfer Tax levied by the province of Ontario.

This includes the address and legal description of the property, and the names of the seller, buyer and brokers involved. Learn more.

Real estate buying tips: Closing the deal

Real estate buying tips: Avoiding stress

Moving checklist includes booking movers, change of address, drivers license, and arrangements for utilities

Buyers will want to know the age of roof, furnace, water heater, elecrical service and more.

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