1 - Why You Need A Buyers Agent

1 - Why You Need A Buyers Agent

Buying a new home or property is a serious transaction, and of course as a buyer you want to protect your interests. Paying a fair price, having a smooth closing, and reducing stress during research and offers are important factors - only a buyer’s agent can ensure that you’re aware of your options and protected during this crucial process.

One reason you may assume you don’t need a buyer’s agent is that the concept is fairly new - up until 1991, realtors worked exclusively for sellers during real estate deals. Buyers can now enjoy the same representation and legal protection of a licensed realtor.

This is a real advantage for modern buyers, as the internet has changed the real estate game quite a bit. Properties found online are not necessarily represented by licensed realtors, meaning the representative has no obligation toward a buyer through RECO (Real Estate Council of Ontario) or REBBA (Real Estate and Business Brokers Act) regulations. A buyer’s agent can help you navigate these properties if they interest you, without risking a transaction that will leave you unhappy. Buying property should be an exciting, joyous occasion - let a licensed realtor ensure that it is.

When you first decide to buy a new home or property, start your online research with a search for a good buyer’s agent. Finding a realtor you trust and who understands your intentions in purchasing will make every other step of the process easier and safer. You won’t want to struggle later on with conflict of interest or confusing terms because you waited too long to select a buyer’s agent.

If you’re going to spend years paying for your new home, make sure you spend a bit of time now to choose the right realtor to help you find, negotiate, and close the deal that will significantly change your life.

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