4 - Wishlist

4 - Wishlist

You most likely already have some idea about the type of home you hope to purchase, or the features that are necessities for your family. When you meet with your buyer’s agent they will ask you many questions to get a feel for your tastes and preferences.

Buyer’s Wishlist

It’s a good idea to consider beforehand what features of your home you prefer, above and beyond your absolute requirements. Some things to think about include:


How much bedroom space does your family need? Would you rather look for extra small rooms for guests or a home office? Or do fewer, larger rooms make sense for your lifestyle?


How many bathrooms will be comfortable for your family during busy hours of the day, such as mornings and bedtimes? Are you willing to renovate bathrooms after moving in, or do you need to find a bathroom that already suits your tastes? What about windows and lighting?


The kitchen is a busy room in a family home. Make sure you choose a home with a large enough kitchen to handle your family’s traffic. Are you willing to replace flooring or are you looking for a specific type? Will your family regularly take meals in the dining room, or would you prefer an eat-in kitchen or one with a bar or breakfast nook?

Living or Family Room

Are you looking for a formal living room, or one where your family can kick back and relax? Do you need additional space for children to play, or a den for teenagers?

Attics and Basements

Do you need additional living space from these areas of your home, or will you be using them for ample storage? If you require a finished basement, quality is important. Check for moisture damage and odor.

Heating and Cooling

Do you have a preference when it comes to heating methods? Natural gas, electric heating, oil furnaces, and hot water radiators are all slightly different in feel and costs - consider your options and decide on a preference. Central air conditioning can be installed later, though if this is something you need, you may want to save costs by looking for a home with AC already installed.

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