1 - Pricing Your Home To Sell

1 - Pricing Your Home To Sell

One of the more common mistakes sellers make when listing their home for sale is setting the asking price too high. 
While it can be tempting to keep asking price high to make sure you get what your home is worth in the end, there are many reasons why this can be counterproductive. As an experienced selling agent, I always recommend that seller’s homes are priced to sell.

6 Reasons You Should “Price To Sell”

Here are 6 ways the appeal of a reasonable price can actually make your sale much more successful:

1 - More Results from Advertising and Sign Calls

When your property is listed at an attractive price, you’ll get more responses to your advertising efforts and more sign calls. More bang for your advertising buck is never a bad thing!

2 - Increased Realtor and Agent Response

When buyer’s agents notice a can’t-miss-out price on a listing, they naturally make an effort to call all of their potential buyers and inform them about your listing.

3 - Exposure To More Buyers

All potential home buyers have already ballparked their budget for a new property purchase. If your price is a bit lower, you’ll place your listing within that ballpark for more buyers.

4 - Attracts Higher Offers

As a seller’s agent I see this all the time - a listing with a higher asking price is often responded to with extremely low relative offers. A competitive asking price deters buyers from coming in with low offers for fear of losing out on a great opportunity. It’s much easier to get what you’re asking for your home if buyers aren’t tempted to negotiate a much lower price from the start. 

5 - Quick Sale

Competitive pricing naturally leads to faster sales. Whether your situation requires a quick sale or not, it’s a benefit to you when the property sells faster in a number of ways. You’ll save carrying costs, mortgage payments, and other associated expenses if your home doesn’t have time to linger on the market.

6 - Less Time Spent Inconvenienced

Besides the savings, a faster sale means less time juggling your life around the stress of having a home listed for sale. If you’ve ever moved before, you know how tiring and distressing it can be to navigate showings - from child care to cleaning, you’ll spend less time fitting these hassles into your daily life if your property sells quickly.

If you’re considering listing your home and want to discuss the best asking price and other considerations, please don’t hesitate to contact your trusted seller’s agent, Deb Olender! Reach me at 519-993-5656 and we’ll get your property sold ASAP!


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