2 - Commission

2 - Commission

The key to maximizing the sale price of your home is to attract as many buyers as possible. A discount brokerage will list your home on the MLS, but may not market your home to build the exposure necessary to attract the number of desirable buyers. By hiring me, you are hiring an entire team of marketing professionals, whose goal is to expose your home to the maximum number of potential buyers.

In order to maximize the sale price of your property, it’s important to attract as many buyers as possible. If you tried to match the marketing effort of an agent yourself after listing with a discount brokerage, you would end up spending much more money than you would on commission for a licensed realtor.

Hiring a good real estate agent is also hiring a whole team of marketing professionals, as services included with mine will make your listing stand out and appeal to a wide selection of interested buyers.

My Services Include

  • Listings on dozens of websites including realtor.ca and remax.ca

  • Weekly advertisements by newspaper

  • Cutting-edge virtual tours of your property online

  • Professional photography

  • Open houses with included professional marketing materials

These marketing tools alone will often add up to cover the cost of commission, depending on how long your home is listed for. Throw in all the other benefits of using a licensed real estate agent, such as assistance during negotiation and protection during contract drafting, and the savings of a discount brokerage seem much less appealing. Your agent can help you cut costs in other ways, but don’t try to save by going it alone.

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