First Time Homebuyer

Being a first time homebuyer and knowing the bare minimum about buying a home, Deb was a life saver!! She sat down with me and walked me through exactly what is required when buying your first home, providing me with several books, pamphlets, and documents that helped tremendously at every stage of the process. I was in no major rush to find a home but Deb's persistence and  knowledge of the area helped me find exactly what I was looking for in a short period of time. When being faced with a competitive offer in the offer stage, Deb always gave me her professional opinion regarding purchase price and conditions but ultimately always left the decision up to me. Once I received the good news, Deb stayed right by my side, attending all my walkthroughs and even provided dependable and reliable recommendations for both a home inspector and plumber as required - I used both and was extremely pleased with their services. Deb's knowledge and attitude helped me feel extremely comfortable and confident while making such a big decision and in knowing that this was the right decision for me.
I couldn't have done it without her!

Stephanie Moore