Look No Further

If you are looking for a Real Estate Agent, look no further! If you are reading this letter then you have met Deborah Olender and you have met the best. Deb helped me find my first home and 2 years later sold that home for me at a great price. She helped me organize my move out here to beautiful Vancouver Island when I retired. While I drove across Canada, Deb looked after details for me in Cambridge until my closing (and even later). Deb was always a phone call away and ran interference for my with the Buyer’s of my home, lawyers, neighbours, and anyone else who was involved. No problem was too great and Deb was a wealth of information with a big smile and a heart to match. Although Deb may not realize it, she gave me so much peace of mind during my life altering upheaval! Her attention to detail is amazing and she always gave me such good advice. Thank you so much Deb. Our business connection has evolved into a great friendship and I hope you will find time Deb to come and visit in the near future, you will always be welcome! If any of your clients would like to contact me for a reference, they are more than welcome to email or call me. I would be delighted to testify as to how high you set the standard for other agents!