She Sold My Place On The Sixth Day!

It was 1998, and I needed out of the Toronto area, so I phoned my best friend and said “find me a realtor”. And that realtor was Deb. She found me all the condos that met my specifications. Saw me through a “second-thoughts-almost-buy”, and finally settled me in the very first one she showed me (she knew…) Come 2004, I see something else I like, and am off to the States for a vacation, and leave everything in Deb’s capable hands—within a week she has my place listed, a virtual tour, a realtors’ open house, and a purchasers’ open house. She sold the place on the sixth day --by my reckoning-- and at my asking price. I guess she rested on the seventh day. When I went to buy again, I bought new—and Deb was there with me every step, even to the final walk through with the developer’s agents. She is always relaxed and cheerful, never in a hurry, and has time for you. She answers her emails and phone immediately, and is a tower of strength in the stressful business of buying or selling a house. I could not recommend a realtor more highly, and will supply my email (and, when I get it, my new phone number) to anyone who wants to contact me.

M.J. McKelvey